[dev-mcuboot] 1.3.1 release possibility

David Brown david.brown at linaro.org
Fri Feb 15 14:14:29 EST 2019

On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 06:49:30PM +0000, Puzdrowski, Andrzej wrote:

>Already It is not possible to build mcuboot 1.3 against zephyr.

It is possible to build MCUboot 1.3.0 against the last release of
Zephyr.  Tip of MCUboot and Zephyr also continue to work together.

I don't think it makes any sense to release a 1.3.1 of MCUboot until
there is a 1.14 release of Zephyr.  We may want to consider
coordinating rc releases, though.

>This happened because zephyr API was changed for 1.4 release almost right after
>MCUBoot release.
>As fare I know there won’t be another API break (important for mcuboot) soon in
>the zephyr.

Hopefully, although Zephyr seems pretty good at it.

>We are probably going to do a 1.3.1, possibly with rcs to match the 1.14 of
>A question we should think about, do we need to conditionalize the MCUBoot code
>to be able to work with pre-1.14 of Zephyr?
>We could argue that 1.14 is the LTS so we can just say we work with that.

It really depends on the complexity of the conditionalization.  I do
think it is reasonable to have some level of conditionalization.  It
helps developers when doing something like a bisection of one tree or
the other.  Right now, the MCUboot tree has to be patched up depending
on where in the history Zephyr landed.

Unfortunately, I don't think it is that easy to conditionalize,
because the externally visible labels in Zephyr don't exactly
correlate with the changes that brought about the API inconsistency.

Thoughts from others on whether this is worth it?


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