[dev-mcuboot] 1.3.1 release possibility

Puzdrowski, Andrzej Andrzej.Puzdrowski at nordicsemi.no
Fri Feb 15 13:49:30 EST 2019

Already It is not possible to build mcuboot 1.3 against zephyr.
This happened because zephyr API was changed for 1.4 release almost right after MCUBoot release.
As fare I know there won't be another API break (important for mcuboot) soon in the zephyr.

We are probably going to do a 1.3.1, possibly with rcs to match the 1.14 of Zephyr.
A question we should think about, do we need to conditionalize the MCUBoot code to be able to work with pre-1.14 of Zephyr?
We could argue that 1.14 is the LTS so we can just say we work with that.

The question Is copy of question asked on MCUBoot slack channel by David Brown recently (I saw no activity so forwarding it here).

Andrzej Puzdrowski

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