[dev-mcuboot] Announcing: mcuboot release 1.3.0 (final)

David Brown david.brown at linaro.org
Mon Feb 4 15:00:42 EST 2019

I would like to announce release 1.3.0 of MCUboot.


## Version 1.3.0

The 1.3.0 release of MCUboot brings in many fixes and updates.  There
are no breaking changes in functionality.  Many of the changes are
refactorings that will make the code easier to maintain going forward.
In addition, support has been added for encrypted images.  See [the
docs](encrypted_images.md) for more information.

### About this release

- Modernize the Zephyr build scripts.
- Add a `ptest` utility to help run the simulator in different
- Migrate the simulator to Rust 2018 edition.  The sim now requires at
  least Rust 1.32 to build.
- Simulator cleanups.  The simulator code is now built the same way
  for every configuration, and queries the MCUboot code for how it was
- Abstract logging in MCUboot.  This was needed to support the new
  logging system used in Zephyr.
- Add multiple flash support.  Allows slot1/scratch to be stored in an
  external flash device.
- Add support for [encrypted images](encrypted_images.md).
- Add support for flash devices that read as '0' when erased.
- Add support to Zephyr for the `nrf52840_pca10059`.  This board
  supports serial recovery over USB with CDC ACM.
- imgtool is now also available as a python package on pypi.org.
- Add an option to erase flash pages progressively during recovery to
  avoid possible timeouts (required especially by serial recovery
  using USB with CDC ACM).
- imgtool: big-endian support
- imgtool: saves in intel-hex format when output filename has `.hex`
  extension; otherwise saves in binary format.

A lot of effort has gone into this release, contributors:

     4	Andrzej Puzdrowski
     5	Christopher Collins
    23	David Brown
    16	Emanuele Di Santo
    72	Fabio Utzig
     1	Hovland, Sigvart
     1	Mark Schulte
     2	Marko Kiiskila
     4	Marti Bolivar
     1	Piotr Mienkowski
     6	Rajavardhan Gundi
     1	Ruth Fuchss
     4	Sebastian Bøe
     1	Sigvart M. Hovland
     1	Timo Kröger
     1	Yiping Peng
     1	Łukasz Rymanowski

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