[dev-mcuboot] Announcing: mcuboot release 1.3.0-rc1

David Brown david.brown at linaro.org
Fri Feb 1 12:07:29 EST 2019

I have pushed v1.3.0-rc3:


There are just some minor fixes since the rc1:

  - Fix an issue with the format of the version for MyNewt
  - Fix flash base addresses for non-memory-mapped flash
  - Shrink the nrf51_pca10028 footprint
  - Fix an issue where mcuboot couldn't recover for a corrupt trailer
    magic value

If there are no more issues we will release v1.3.0 final in a day or


On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:11:21AM -0700, David Brown wrote:
>I would like to announce the first release candidate for mcuboot
>## Version 1.3.0
>The 1.3.0 release of MCUboot brings in many fixes and updates.  There
>are no breaking changes in functionality.  Many of the changes are
>refactorings that will make the code easier to maintain going forward.
>In addition, support has been added for encrypted images.  See [the
>docs](encrypted_images.md) for more information.
>### About this release
>- Modernize the Zephyr build scripts.
>- Add a `ptest` utility to help run the simulator in different
>  configurations.
>- Migrate the simulator to Rust 2018 edition.  The sim now requires at
>  least Rust 1.32 to build.
>- Simulator cleanups.  The simulator code is now built the same way
>  for every configuration, and queries the MCUboot code for how it was
>  compiled.
>- Abstract logging in MCUboot.  This was needed to support the new
>  logging system used in Zephyr.
>- Add multiple flash support.  Allows slot1/scratch to be stored in an
>  external flash device.
>- Add support for [encrypted images](encrypted_images.md).
>- Add support for flash devices that read as '0' when erased.
>- Add support to Zephyr for the `nrf52840_pca10059`.  This board
>  supports serial recovery over USB with CDC ACM.
>- imgtool is now also available as a python package on pypi.org.
>- Add an option to erase flash pages progressively during recovery to
>  avoid possible timeouts (required especially by serial recovery
>  using USB with CDC ACM).
>- imgtool: big-endian support
>- imgtool: saves in intel-hex format when output filename has `.hex`
>  extension; otherwise saves in binary format.
>A lot of effort has gone into this release, contributors:
>     3	Andrzej Puzdrowski
>     3	Christopher Collins
>    20	David Brown
>    16	Emanuele Di Santo
>    72	Fabio Utzig
>     1	Hovland, Sigvart
>     1	Mark Schulte
>     2	Marko Kiiskila
>     4	Marti Bolivar
>     1	Piotr Mienkowski
>     5	Rajavardhan Gundi
>     1	Ruth Fuchss
>     4	Sebastian Bøe
>     1	Sigvart M. Hovland
>     1	Timo Kröger
>     1	Yiping Peng
>     1	Łukasz Rymanowski

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